Who’s got Super Bowl Tickets?

When the festivities for the largest sporting event in America get underway, there will be many people present:


  • The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Bronco’s punched their tickets Sunday.   The Broncos, under the leadership and by the arm of Peyton Manning, dismantled the Patriots in the AFC Championship game to win the Lamar Hunt Trophy.  The Seahawks, won an incredible victory over the 49ers, but that was forgotten by Sherman’s rant to Erin Andrews.
  • The Commissioner, Roger Goddell, will be there as much was made about his decision to sit outside in the elements during the cold weather Super Bowl.
  • The Dan Patrick Show will be there, producing their show from Pier 40.  All week people will be stopping by to talk whatever Dan wants to talk about.  He and the Danettes will be entertaining the visitors to New York all week.
  • The advertisers will be there.  An average 30-second commercial at the 2014 Super Bowl costs $4 million.  That is the average!  The first block of commercials during the telecast would be much higher.  Doritos, Budwiser, and Godaddy.com have shucked out the big bucks to be present at the game.
  • The Media/Press will be there.  The figures from the 2007 Super Bowl claimed 232 countries were able to watch, nine territories, and 33 languages.This one figures to be an even larger market as the NFL has sought to expand its footprint outside of the U.S.
  • The fans will be there.  MetLife stadiums holds 82,500 people and its sold out!  Worst ticket in the stadium went for around $3,000 but $565,00 can get you a 30 person suite.  So if you were planning on any post-Christmas shopping for me. (cough, cough)
  • The Tourists will be there.  According to an Epoch Times Article, New York is preparing itself for the 500,000 visitors to occupy the city.  The city is expecting it to generate $600 million in revenue during the week leading up.  They will broadcast the game onto a giant screen in Manhattan for those who couldn’t score tickets to watch.
  • The world will be there in spirit…as consumer spending on the 2011 Super Bowl was expected to reach $10.1 Billion.  I will be hitting up a party spending my money on food, drinks, and possibly a Super Bowl T-shirt if I find one to my liking.
  • One final group that I want to mention is the thousands of women and children who wont have tickets but will be forced to be there.  The Super Bowl is the “largest human-trafficking venue on the planet.”  I have heard the same said for the World Cup that will be happening this summer.  Human Trafficking is an estimated $32 billion industry that made more than Nike, Starbucks, and Google last year combined.  300,000 Americans under the age of 18 are lured into sex-trafficking a year.  These kids are lured in because they ran away, or got lost in the system, or were lied to about future ventures and opportunities.  These are the victims of countless horrers that will go unnoitice and unreported at this year’s Superbowl.

loose chains (2)Victims of Human Trafficking are those that some of our students at church raised money for last weekend.  In total, Karsen McCarter, Brett Broadbent, and Michelle Villagrana raised $2,871.15 to combat Human Traffiking.  The silent auction/chili feed was a huge success.  They did the leg work, collected items, made a video, and rounded up volunteers in order to raise awareness of modern day slavery.  They did a great job and I am very proud of them.  I wondered how their work will be used in the fight, whether 2 weeks from now the money they raised will help put a stop to this injustice.

The Superbowl is upcoming and I plan on watching….but I also plan on pausing during that first $4 million dollar commercial to remember and pray for those in New York who aren’t at the game!

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