Midnight: Champion Bucking Horse

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Image Midnight: Chamption Bucking Horse by Sam Savitt

I am of the opinion that very rarely is anyone remembered in a vacuum.  In the rodeo world, Tuff Hedeman and Lane Frost will be forever linked.  Tuff and Bodacious, Ty Murray and Hard Copy, Michael Jordan/Scotty Pippen, Bird/Magic, Jobs/Wosniak…you can probably think of many others.  Very rarely is anyone remembered solely, but our interconnectedness is what makes legends and history.  Sam Savitt wrote his book Midnight: Champion Bucking Horse, a fictional account based on history, about the collision course between two great figures whose connection would make them legendary.  Before Tuff/Bodacious, Lane/Red Rock, Shivers/Yellow Jacket, Freckles/Tornado, before bullriding ruled the sport, legendary saddle bronc horses met up with legendary hands.  Midnight met Pete Knight 4 times in their career, with the unridden-in-his-career Midnight coming out on top every time.  This book sets the course for their meeting in Cheyenne in 1930.

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