Rodeo Mom’s


rodeo_mom_bumper_bumper_stickerIt kinda began with her,

Thinking it’d be cute,

To see her little boy,

On an mutton in the chute.


Then she raised a monster,

With Rodeo on his mind.

From calves to steers and bulls

He learned to rope and ride.


Now she hauls a 3-horse slant.

It’s her Hilton up on wheels.

She’s given up fancy dinners,

Wears her boots instead of heels.


She can rosin up a rope,

And video every run.

Balance entries and events

Feeds and waters with the sun.


Her weekends fill with extra chores

And her vacations, entry fees.

A relaxing night at home

Is PBR on TV.


She helps him enter every weekend

Is there to watch him every time

She’ll hold her breath every run

and prays during every ride.


But she’s part the reason for success

In his life and rodeo

She doesn’t always get a buckle

But you should still all know:


When there’s a task to get done

She always heeds the call.

So here’s to all the Rodeo Mom’s

They’re a cut above them all.

Moses’ mom saved him from the hand of Pharoah (Ex 2), sure it was by sending him down the river in a basket…but still. Timothy’s mother and grandmother were commended for their faith (2 Tim. 1). Mary doesn’t get a ton of press in the Gospels, but in Luke she is shown as treasuring all the things in heart that Jesus would do (Luke 2.51). Rodeo Mom’s are cut from the same cloth.  Mother’s poses a strength and courage that goes often unseen and uncelebrated. This weekend I saw Mom’s opening gates, stock contracting, loading and moving cattle, saddling horses, and still doing all the things that most Mom’s do on a daily basis, like feeding kids, enforcing nap times, and supporting their kids at something they love. It was then that I understood that Rodeo cant go on without Mom’s. They are some of the toughest people in rodeo. They witness their kids compete, coach them in their events, watch them fall down or buck off, see them struggle yet are fiercely loyal and supportive. Thanks to all the Mom’s of rodeo guys and girls who put you through torment and frustration and put extra responsibilities to an already overloaded plate.  Thanks for driving all over the state, sacrificing normalcy 40 weekends of the year, and supporting your cowboys and cowgirls with all you can muster.  Know that we love and appreciate you!

Happy Mothers Day!

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