Homestead Rodeo School

10372788_564211689209_3670770377909918674_nSeventy bulls, steers, and calves bucked in two days makes for a tired bull fighter.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of serving alongside some great Bullriding instructors, a set of students made up of a lot of try, devoted and supporting parents, and a great set of bullfighters.  I love doing schools for all of these reasons!  Rodeos are fun, but when it comes to getting to spend time with families nothing beats a good Bullriding school.  I could never begin to explain the impact that the families at homestead rodeo schools had on me this weekend.  From getting to talk with George Steinberger, the founder of the school, to seeing the Ahrings, the Popes, and the Drews parent their teenage boys, and the first time rough stock parents and their interest in their kids interest, I was greatly blessed to get to see parents and kids interact.  I can’t wait to do this with my kid someday.  Chad Chambers message at cowboy church on Sunday struck a cord with many of the parents and students alike from the conversations that I heard through the day.  Watching parents and kids talk Bullriding, rodeo, and God will always be a joy to me and part of my mission here on this earth.  It was truly a blessing to get to fight once again with on of the handiest bullfighters and true followers of Christ I know, Daniel Unruh, who I have already locked In as one of my bullfighting instructors at my hypothetical-possibly-literal-future-rodeo schools!  God bless!

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