A Great Chase

DSCN3181“If you ain’t been bucked off, then you ain’t been on many” so the old cowboy proverb goes. Everybody at some point in time hits the dirt early, gets bucked off, or fails. When the collision, that we talked about last post, takes place, how do you respond? Do you assume the fetal position and prepare for another impact? Do you get up and go back for some more?

When the collision of Genesis 3 happened, between a good and holy God and His independent and rebellious creation, God refused to give up on His people. Hear me know, its not that God didn’t know that we would become rebellious and sin, nor was He caught off guard by our decisions and actions, but simply that our rebellion gave God the opportunity solve the problem we created. It was at this time that God went into pursuit mode!

One of the coolest (and most dangerous) places to be in the arena is in the roping box. Here is where some of the most powerful athletes in the world come hurtling out of a steel box at speeds of 30 mph chasing a calf or steer. All of their energy and power directed to the chase.

I am amazed at God’s pursuit of humanity.  Nine verses after the sin in Genesis 3.8, God proclaims that the offspring of the woman “will crush the head of Satan.” (Genesis 3.15)  Years later when Israel has been in bondage for 400 years in the land of Egypt, the Hebrews were certain that God had forgotten them and cut them loose.  But God is shown in the book of Exodus ruthlessly pursuing his people.  He is kind to the midwives (Exodus 1.20); He heard their groaning and remembered their covenant (2.24); He differentiates the plagues from the land of Egypt and Goshen where the Hebrews stayed; He opens the Red Sea (13); and many more…

For what purpose…because he promised Abraham long ago that he would be blessed and the whole earth would be blessed through him (Gen. 12.1-4)  God is one a quest to capture the hearts of His people.  All of the things He does are for the purpose of his people falling in love with HIm.  He got up from the collision in Genesis 3, and shot out in pursuit of His people…of which you are one.

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