The Inaugural Meeting of the Robinson FFA

If a man buys a cow, originally priced at $2000, with a 10% discount, how much does he spend on the cow?”

This was a question posed to our students by our math teacher today in review for their test tomorrow.  The students were baffled at two things: 1) that a cow would cost that much; 2) where would someone buy a cow.  A conversation ensued as to what kind of cow was involved, how cow transactions take place, and if cows were a solid investment.

The group I was sitting with had a few questions…then I realized how much I could tell about the hypothetical cow.  A round here she could have been a black angus or semintal cow, weighing in around 1600 pounds.  At $120 per hundred weight, that one cow would have been at the top end of the Holton Sale Barn Sales.  Probably would have been a couple hundred pounds heavier if she had been a cross bred cow.  $2000 would have bought a young heifer at St. Mary’s, 1150 lbs or so, that could have been the foundation of a breeding program for years, paired with a easy-calving /low-birth weight bull for that first year.

From the look on their faces, my 7th grade math group had heard enough about cows/cattle/bovine.  Our future farmers of america had been given a lesson by Mr. Keil and Mr. Long, and the market not withstanding, understand now the importance of agriculture and beef production to the midwest.

That is common core approved!

By the way. the cow was $1800.

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