I was driving home tonight with a couple of rodeo kids when the topic of “what drives you?” came up.  It was in the midst of a discussion about what causes us to do the things that we do.  “Sometimes we do the things we have to do, to do the things we want to do” kind of conversation.

I want 2015 to mean something.  I want to thrive in 2015 which means “why I do what I do” needs to be at the center of everything that happens.

I have known both of these students for a time.  I love both of these kids.  One did what they did because of the relationships that they have.  They know they are a role model, that people look up to them and they perform because others are counting on them to do so…a noble task.

The other did what they did because they loved it.   It was an accomplishment, a pride, that drove them to success and helped them persevere.

Then they asked me…

What makes me do what I do???

The answer was easier when I was in full time (paid) ministry, but tonight it just kind of spilled out.  I do what I do because of tonight.   Two students sharing their dreams and their lives with me on a drive home from pizza.  Hearing about a young woman buying the Percy Jackson books for her “little” brother (through Big Brothers/Big Sisters) is why I do what I do.  Getting to hear about a kid working out everyday so that he can ride bulls better; learning how to ranch from his father; building towards what he wants to do…is why I do what I do!

I do what I do because I work with some of the best kids I have ever known and Jesus is working in their hearts which, in turn, works on mine!

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