Life Change in a Bottle

IMG_4813I didn’t wake up this morning expecting the world to be turned upside down but now I’m looking up at the floor and walking on the knock-down-textured-ceiling…and all because of a little brown bottle.

For my birthday, Ethan Schultz bought me a 6 pack of rootbeer from Mass Street Soda in Lawrence.  It contained my two favorite root beers (Henry Wienhards and Buckin’ Rootbeer) out of the now 42 different kinds that I have tried.  I love a good story, a good thought, and a good root beer.

But nestled next to a couple favorites was a new kind, fresh press, a unknown entity…Barrel Brother’s Root Beer.  The good brewers at Apple Beer have made a root beer with strong vanilla taste with a hint of Marshmallow.  Though it did not displace my top two, it slid firmly into third place, displacing Bulldog.

For many of you, this is the most you have read about root beer, but I consider it my mission to help educate you on the finer points of the legal side of the Prohibition.

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