Verse 4 Friendship

Lately I been thinkin’

Bout all those friends of mine

That I’ve accumulated

Through the stands of time.


I lost some pretty close ones

Watched other struggle on

Seen some make big decisions

Watched them weak and watched them strong


From late night meals at taco bell

To stories b’hind the chutes

Late night drives and camping trips

Our bonds turned into roots.


From trials of life

And experiences of pain,

Your stood beside me through it all

Much to my dismay.


As you deal with separation,

Divorce, cancer, and despair

With all the things that life can throw

A friend responds with care.


Just as you endured

Through all the trials of my life

I turned to you as times turned bleak

And you withstood the strife.

Through the combination

Of both your problems and mine

I appreciate the fact that

The basis of friendship was an order of divine.

As life came rushing in

And struggles succumb to strife

I was reminded how you as my friend

Had invested into my life.

I was challenged this week by all the stuff that my friends were going through. I lost one of my buddies this week to a massive heart attack. Bob died a week ago today. Another friend of mine got engaged in Chicago. Congratulations Tyler! At the same time, I have friends who’s parents are going through a divorce, another who’s battling cancer, and another whose marriage needs a lot of prayer. I spoke on the phone with each of them. It’s crazy to think about how these guys, guys who I respect and admire, whose friendship’s I cherish, are going so much as my life has been relatively peaceful. I am reminded of what a friend is and what a friend does.

I am reminded of David’s relationship with Jonathan. In 1 Samuel 18-20, there is the account of David and Jonathan. Their friendship has been documented throughout history, but I am amazed at how pertinent it is to today.

  • Friendship is sacrificing. Saul is the King, that means Jonathan is the second in command and the future King. In 1 Sam 18.4, Jonathan gives all of his identity, power, and prestige to David. His robe, tunic, sword, bow and belt were given to David. Why? Because friendship is sacrifice.
  • Friends speak well of you. No matter Saul’s issues with David, Jonathan spoke well of him (19.4). Always his advocate, Jonathan stands up for David. When it comes to friends, I most often have better than I deserve.
  • Friendship wants the best for the other. Jonathan in 20.4, says “Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do for you.” Jonathan sees the outcome clearly before him. David is the next King. Instead of the supposed future king (Jonathan) being upset about the new future King (David), he devotes his allegiance to David.

When I comes to friends, I have better than I deserve; good men, who honor and serve their wives and kids; men who take the teachings of friendship from Jonathan. Now in their times of trial and triumph, I hope that I have learned the lessons that they have taught me.

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