Happy Mother’s Day

For most the mothers around here

The day will come with accolades

She’ll get a carnation, dinner in bed

And adoration through the day

But there’s a group of mom’s out there

Who’s day will go differently

They’ll feed the horses, check the stock

And go on with the routine

Breakfast in bed’s an after thought

When in a 3 horse slant she’s fed

But the gesture loses a bit of grandeur

When you can see the stove from bed

A romantic night out or getaway

is probably not in store

cause all the families needed

to water and to chore

She’s celebrating her day

In a town she probably can’t name

Towns with rodoe’s

Are kind of funny that-a-way

So unless the Casey’s

Has got a hallmark aisle

Or the kwik trip or conoco

Has updated their mothers day file

So her day will probably be void

Of the little charms other moms get

Flowers, candies, chocolates,

Gifts that haven’t been bought yet.

But without complaint or negative word

She cheers on her kids, pen in hand

Documenting every run and ride

From her perch within the stands.

She is the forgotten hero

As her kids pursue western dreams

Dad connects behind the chutes

Mom feels like shes in the wings.

But she would never utter a word

About the rodeo life she lives

Because her kids and family

Is part of who she is.

On Mother’s day, thousands and tens of thousands of Mom’s will wake up in a trailer or motel room, surrounded by their families. Instead of breakfast in bed, a carnation on her collar, or a day at the spa, she will haul gear bags and tack to little areans in unnamed towns because that is where here kids are competing, be it rodeo, cowboy racing, or horse shows. She will wake up in small towns like Oswego, Kansas; Marshalltown, Iowa; Spanish Fork, Utah; or Mineral Wells, Texas. All of these places are not famous for their Mother’s day celebrations. But without complaint, they will rise, help their son’s with their gear, saddle their daughters barrel/goat/pole horses, and without complaint serve their families and their kids. I have been involved with youth rodeo for the last 7 years and have never once heard a mom say, “I would rather be…” or “I wish I was…”. Ranch Mom’s, Rodoe Mom’s, and Western Mom’s know what they are in for and they sacrifice more than others. This is a thanks to them and all they do. Happy mothers day.

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