Rodeo Ministry…part 2

There were a few people left out of my last post and for good reason. Every once in a while a Cowboy is “blessed” with a handful of girls to raise. Over the last few years, I have been blessed to watch them raise their daughters. While I feel the fastest disintegrating relationship in the world is the father/son relationship, the father/daughter one is at the top of the list as well.

I am a firm believer that the original sin was not Eve eating of the fruit in the garden, but the silence of Adam during the whole event. While trying not to get to preachy, I feel like the major sin in my life right now is the lack of leadership that I take in the home. I don’t provide, protect, and project a Godly direction within my home, for my wife, like I should sometimes. The Pope on his nine-day Central America Trip said it best today when he exclaimed: “The Family is something in this world that no organization could ever replace.” Simpliefied: “Save the family, save the world”.

I left men out of the last post for this reason: 1) I didn’t want to jinx myself and wake up one day with 4 daughters and no sons…hauling a 4 horse barrel racing slant trailer and complaining about dirt the whole time! 2) Father’s of daughters have it rough in today’s world.

I do rodeo ministry because I see so many Dad’s and daughters connect through the sport. I think it is easier for Dad to understand the barrel pattern than it is for him to understand the third position of ballet. I want to be involved in a place where Dad’s feel comfortable…it certainly seems like the rodeo arena is one of those places.

I do rodeo ministry because watching men like Brian, Ronnie, Chad, Brad, Kevin, Tally, and Dirk, work with their daughters, help me understand better what I need to do to serve and honor my wife. These are Dad’s who have raised tough girls who know their identities and who they were created to be. The way they invest in their daughters, helps me invest in my wife.

I do rodeo ministry because watching the aforementioned men take care of their daughters makes me pity their future husbands. Let me explain: I have had numerous conversations with young men who are engaged or recently married. Their struggle: Dad had set such a high standard for men in their life that now Joe Fiancée or Joe husband cant quite measure up…wouldn’t that be a great gift to give a son-in-law. You wanna date one of them…you better be up to the standard their father sets.

Watching these dad’s in action, raise the bar for me. I learn every second that I get to watch them in action, talking barrel and pole runs, goat strings, and breakaway ropes. Once again, I do rodeo ministry because the people that I run into every week.

My heart and passion is to become they type of man represented by the guys I mention every week. I hope to learn from them and from God’s word what it means to be a man, hustband, and father. It’s rodeo ministry at its best!

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