Slipping through the Cracks

The “you may also like…” feature on Amazon was created for people like me.  I indulged the other day which led me to this conundrum.

p16488_p_v8_ahIn 1995, America was introduced to a portly group of youth campers.  This was prior to America’s epidemic known as childhood obesity and years before Michelle Obama would take real catchup from school lunch.  The antagonist is a deranged physical trainer attempting to launch a work out video by documenting the summer.  His methods are unique, abusive, and dangerous.  The campers, eventually, stage an uprising and take the camp over.


Here is the issue:  How does a deranged lunatic and child abuser pass the background and psych tests to score a job in an elderly home less than a year later?

 Apparently a name change and a mustache was all that was needed to slip the Feds.  Exploitation would haunt him at this job as well.  He exploited and degraded kids to sell workout videos and he did the same at the elderly home where he ran a sweat shop under the guise of rec time.

Who knows how long he was able to get away with it.  “Happy learned to putt” and got grandma’s house back.

He would resurface one more time in 2004 as owner-operator, White Goodman, of Globo gym.  Same stache, outrageous fitness ideas, and jerkish personality.

Tony Perkis came from money.  His father, Tony Perkin Sr. Was western Pennsylvania’s “Lighting Fixture Guys. White claims to have “built his gym from the ground up…and a large inheritance from his father, Earl Goodman.”  Tony did it first, White hit the reset.  Disregard the differing names.  I think it is clear that the rabbit hole may go deeper.

The question remains:  after years of abuse, negligence, endangerment, and welfare atrocities, why is this man working with children, the elderly, and body management?  I think the question should be raised of screening and listening?  Accountability should be taken.  I know I don’t want my grandma sewing quilts for hours on end and I don’ want a trainer that will “add three pounds to the women’s scales” before going home.

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