Camp Awards

MV5BMzM4NDA5MzMyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTE2Mjc2MQ@@._V1_CR0,30,250,141_AL_UX477_CR0,0,477,268_AL_.jpgSitting in the back of the chapel watching the students perform skits with Ensley, two thoughts crossed my mind:

  1. There is a lot of messed up theology that comes through a middle school Bible skit.
  2. There should be Oscars given out for great performances…

Which led us to this conclusion:  the last night of camp should be awards night for counselors to recieve and bestie awards.

We did the same thing in college for our dorm.  We called them “Willie awards” after Williamson Dorm.  Some of the great ones were:

  • “The Bert and Ernie Award” which was given to the odd couple of room mates.
  • “The Hibernation Award” for that guy in the dorms that no one knew because he never left his room.
  • “The Napoleon and Pedro Award” is self explanatory.  My roommte Angel Garcia and I won this one.
  • “The I-can-get-a-strike-but-cant-get-a-date Award” was given to me because I was a good bowler and not so good with women.

Most of the awards were jokes; but some were real serious.  Brian Clark reminded me that he was Williamson “Man of the Year.”  This is the same man who has an entire “Appreciation Date devoted to him.  Just like the “camper of the week” or “walk the talk Buckle”; Man of the Year is an honor.

Back to camp.  As we sat on the back row, we thought camp awards should be a thing.

Here are some of the awards we came up with:

  • “Most camp Girlfriends” An award for the boy who has dated 7 goes in 3 days…none of which he will ever hear from after Friday.
  • “No shower; No Problem”  For the kid who believes that demon possession begins with showering.  He hasn’t showered all week and has no plans too.  Not to be confused with:
  • “Captain America award” A few years back I spoke at a camp and met a kid on night 1 who was wearing a Captain America t-shirt.  It was the same one he wore all week.  He had a duffel bag full of clothes but only wanted to wear the one shirt.
  • “The Cheerleader” she/He is now a middleschooler who grew up in children’ church.  Now they are worshipping at Jr. High camp and have an action for every word of every song and uses her training to try to get everyone in camp to do the motions.  She will fail…but now she has an award for her efforts.
  • “Best head-shot” You don’t want it to happen; but you don’t want to miss it if it does.  Some kid will take a basketball to the face during knockout, a dodgeball to the head during a game, or a tether ball to the chin.  If you’re gonna feel pain, you might as well get an award.

So alongside your “campers of the week” are your less decorated campers.  They need awards to aspire to.

I was never going to be Willy man of the Year, but I can be Napoleon Dynamite.  I was never going to be camper of the week, but I only wore 1 pair of shorts as a 3rd grader at camp.  I was Captain America.

What other awards can you think of?

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