What I Do


Erie, Kansas

Fighting Bulls — If you need some to step in and take a shot for a bull rider, freestyle a bull to sell a rodeo, then I want to help.  I view these things as my opportunity to use the talents and abilities that God has given me too serve others.

Speaking and Teaching — After years of teaching and working with youth, I would be honored to stand before your students and challenge them from the word of God.  I graduated from Ozark Christian College in 2007 with a Bachelors of Theology Degree with and Old Testament Emphasis.

Specific Presentations:

Archaeology and the Old Testament:  Does the Old Testament stack up against history?  Everything that has been dug up in the Ancient Near East supports the words we have in the Old Testament.  In order to build a surer foundation for you faith, this study takes us through the Old Testament in an introduction to Archaeology.

Archaeology and the New Testament:  So much light can be shown on the New Testament through Archaeology.  The finds made in the Mediterranean world situates the text of the New Testament into a rich and interesting world.  Events, daily life, customs, and practices can all be verified by the Archaeological record and can further your study of the New Testament.

Archaeology and Isaiah:  So many events take place in the ministry and prophecies of Isaiah.   From his calling (Isaiah 6) to his leaders (Isaiah 1); the fall of Jerusalem (36-39) to the Servant Cyrus (45), Isaiah touches so many things.  Many finds can be traced to this time period than can speak to the validity of Isaiah’s words and shed light on the events of the time.

Defense of the Old Testament Documents:  “The Old Testament was written so late that nothing can be true about it” so the argument goes.  But what if there was evidence of the Old Testament being written when it claims it was and what if that evidence showed a text that was nearly identical to the texts we have today?  A study of Old Testament Manuscripts indicates that the Old Testament is older and more complete that some would argue.

How We Got the Bible:  Have you ever wondered how the words came from the pen of Paul into the the Bible sitting on your lap.  From the first texts of the Old Testament through the Dead Sea Scrolls and into the Autographs of the New Testament and finally the Textus Receptus; the journey from the original languages to your English Bible is a long and intricate journey.

Theology of Comics


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